What size urn do I need?

1 cubic inch will hold approximately 1 lb. For instance, if your pet weighs 25 lbs. then a 25 cubic inch urn should accommodate your needs. However, many pet owners buy a larger size urn than needed so keepsake items such as collars, toys, or mementos can be placed in the urn with the cremains. When in doubt, choose one size larger to ensure proper space.

How long before I can pick up my pets ashes?

Cremains are returned to the veterinarian’s office within one to two weeks, unless we are waiting on a special order item or engraving. For special circumstances, rush services can be made, but additional charges will be applied.

Can I see my pet’s cremains?

All urns are permanently sealed, unless the pet parent specifies in writing on the order sheet that the urn is to be left unsealed.

What happens if my urn breaks?

All cremains are placed in closed bags inside of every urn.

Where will my brass plate be placed? 

Brass plates are not affixed to ensure that the pet parent can place it wherever they choose.

What are the font choices for engraving?

On the Roman Paws Urn, KL Photo Urn, and Pewter 301 Urn the font is Times New Roman.

On the Block Photo urns, MDF Boxes and the Memory Chest the font is Lucida.