Established in August 2001 as M & R Animal Cremation, we recently decided to completely rebrand our business as Richland Pet Cremation & Memorials. The business was founded and is owned by Mark Neary and Raeleen Neary, CPLP. Richland Pet Cremation & Memorials specializes in respectful pet cremations, which include private and communal cremations. We also offer a wide selection of beautiful memorial products including handcrafted ceramic urns.

At Richland Pet Cremation & Memorials, we’re pet parents too. We understand what it’s like to love a pet and know how your animals become more than ‘just a pet.’ Your animal becomes a member of the family; a trusted confidant; your ever-present sidekick; your best friend.

We also understand what it’s like to lose a pet. There are few things more difficult in life than watching your best friend slip away. For many pet parents, the grief is profound. For many owners, handing over their pet’s remains is a very difficult process, so we work with each pet owner to ensure they’re at peace throughout the entire process. Raeleen Neary is a Certified Pet Loss Professional who is available to provide grief counseling to pet parents who are grieving the loss of their pet.

You want your pet’s remains to be treated with respect and love and to know the people handling your pet’s remains understand that this was so, so much more than ‘just a dog’ or ‘just a cat’. When you come to Richland Pet Cremation & Memorials, you’ll have that assurance.

Burying a pet is a nice option for some pet owners. Some opt for a pet cemetery, while others opt for a back yard burial. Others prefer cremation, which affords you the benefit of keeping the pet’s remains close forevermore. It’s important to keep your own future in mind when you’re tending to your pet’s final arrangements.

Many pet owners really struggle with leaving a property where they’ve buried a beloved pet. Opting for cremation can be a nice alternative, since you’ll always have access to your pet’s final resting place.

At Richland Pet Cremation & Memorials, we offer more than pet cremation services and memorials, we also offer a wide range of pet urns and memorial products pet owners can choose from. Richland Pet Cremations & Memorials is a proud member of the ICCFA and PLPA.