Let Your Love Grow Pet Memorial Kit

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  • Let Your Love Grow - Turning Your Pet's Ashes into life

Let Your Love Grow Pet Memorial Kit

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Create an environmentally-friendly living memorial with this kit. Choose a place to plant then combine your pet's ashes with the organic mixture and add soil.

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With the Let Your Love Grow Pet Memorial Kit you can create an environmentally-friendly living memorial. Choose a place to plant, what you want to plan, and combine your pet's ashes with the Let Your Love Grow organic mixture and add soil. After you plant, follow your specific plants directions on planting, covering and watering. Your pet's cremated ashes nourish the growing plant. Everything in the kit is environmentally friendly so you have no worries about harming the environment in any way. We recommend that after you blend the organic mixture and the cremated ashes that you add it into the soil. And, because the container, scoop and bag are recyclable, you just throw them all into the recycle bin. Let Your Love Grow does not require you to use all of your loved one’s cremated ashes. That makes it easier for you if you have to relocate and leave behind your living memorial. You will always have your loved one near with some of their ashes still in an urn.

  • Remembrance planting materials just mix your pet’s cremated ashes
  • Mixture lowers pH level and dilutes harmful sodium in cremated ashes
  • Packaged in biodegradable and recyclable container
  • Helps pet owners preserve their pet's memory
  • Compatible with any soil
  • Environmentally safe

Let Your Love Grow comes in four kit sizes that work for houseplants up to trees. So your first step should be deciding what you want to plant.

Once you make that decision, our recommendation for kit size is:
Planting a tree? Extra large kit
Planting a bush, perennial or small tree? Large kit
Planting a large container for patio or indoor use? Medium kit
Planting a houseplant? Small kit

Each kit contains the following in our biodegradable container:

• One poly bag containing the Let you Love Grow organic mixture
• One empty compostable bag
• One biodegradable measuring scoop
• One additional Biodegradable Twist Tie
• Mixing directions for either ground burial or pot or container plantings

Let Your Love Grow Instructional from Let your Love grow on Vimeo.

Why choose Let Your Love Grow? from Let your Love grow on Vimeo.

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