Pet Cremation and Urn Selection

Cremating your pet is a good way to say “goodbye” to your beloved friend. You might still feel vulnerable and distraught after the loss of your pet, but it’s important to make some arrangements for your pet to have a proper funeral. If cremation is your choice of funeral method, let Richland Pet Cremation and Memorials help you.

R Pet Urns | Quality Ceramic Pet UrnRichland Pet Cremation and Memorials is a full service pet of crematory. We offer services for picking up your pet, cremating him or her and then returning the ashes to you within a few days. Along with the ashes, we will also return the identification tag of your pet. You either choose one of R Pet Urns quality ceramic urns or just a generic one to contain your pet’s ashes.

Once the cremation process is finished, you will be provided with a certificate of cremation that states your pet’s name, date of cremation, your name, etc. Many families also opt to let us take care of their pets’ remains instead of having it returned to them. Pets are cremated together and the cremains are spread on private property in rural Monroe County, IL. These certificates can be especially convenient in such situations.

Cremation can be done for dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, rabbits, reptiles, etc.