Pet Loss: A Devestating Loss

Pet Loss: A Devestating Loss

A pet is an important member of the family and in the consequent years, typically will develop an unbreakable bond. The bond developed between pet and man can be a magical experience. When pet loss occurs, it can stimulate natural feelings of grief and a long period of mourning follows. These are the feelings observed in most pet owners:

  • Loneliness
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Guilty
  • Grief

It is a strange fact that pet loss can hurt twice as much as loss of a family member. It is difficult to understand for general population without pets.

Research and conclusion

Researchers have come to the conclusion that animal-human bond is strong since 1988. In an experiment, the dog owners were asked to place symbols for family members and pets in one circle. The distance between symbols relates to strength of the relationship. The dog owners were prone to put dogs closest to themselves as compared to their own family members. In most cases, the dog owners and dogs were closest in terms of relationships.

Research concluded that pet loss can be earth shattering and devastating for pet owners. The death of family and friend members is seldom excused. In multiple cases found, death of an animal can hurt excruciatingly. The loss of human is not as severe and intense.

The stress and duration of the pet loss is variable among pet owners. The process has been researched thoroughly. The intensity and longevity of the sorrow differs. Even the pet owners are surprised themselves regarding the magnitude of their sorrow. The loss of parents and sibling may also become minor. But the pet owners do realize afterwards that their grief was too stressful and a bit too dramatic.

Pet loss can hurt member of a family very much. This is true in case of dog and a cat if they were brought in infancy. The fact of the matter is that with a pet in the house, it’s like another member of the family roaming around in the house just like a child. Pets mean life to many people and mean the world to such people. It has been proven scientifically that pet owners live a happier life than most families. They offer:

  • Love
  • Affection
  • Attention
  • Reason to love
  • Reason to live

Many pet owners cremate their loved pets and keep their ashes. Keeping the pet urns is a way of grieving the pet. Burial can seem too harsh and distant.