Organic Mixture: An Eco-Friendly Memorial

Organic Mixture: An Eco-Friendly Memorial

What is the Purpose of the Let Your Love Grow Mixture?

Let Your Love Grow blended with cremated ashes (which on their own are harmful to the environment) creates a nutrient-rich soil that can be used to nourish memorial plantings and honor your loved ones.

When we started developing our organic mixture, we had many sleepless nights trying to figure out why some plantings flourished while others did not. As we visited with scientists and soil experts, we learned that there is a high level of sodium in cremated ashes. That led us to a discovery that frankly shocked us:

Cremated ashes are harmful to plant life.
Why Is Let Your Love Grow Necessary?

Besides the high sodium levels found in cremated ashes, we also discovered that its pH level is high as well. No soil, including potting soil, will naturally correct the pH level. However, by blending Let Your Love Grow with cremated ashes, the harmful elements of the cremated ashes are not a problem. In addition to diluting the sodium (salt) and lowering the pH, the mixture nourishes and sustains plant life.

If you want more details, check out Why Burying Ashes is Harmful to the Environment.

What Makes Let Your Love Grow so Eco-Friendly?

From its packaging to every ingredient in the actual organic mixture, we have ensured that we use ingredients that are natural and friendly to the environment.

Our packaging is biodegradable. Our mixture contains only natural ingredients. And, Let Your Love Grow ensures that the pH and sodium levels of cremated ash are fit for planting, allowing the nutrients locked in the ash to be released and provide nourishment to plant life.

Does It Work with Animals and Humans?

Let Your Love Grow works with all cremated ash. It does not matter whether the ashes are from humans or pets. Let Your Love Grow can ensure that any cremated ash put into the environment is safe when mixed properly with the organic mixture.

With What Types of Plants Can Let Your Love Grow Be Used?

Your memorial plantings should be unique to you and your loved ones. The last thing we want to do is limit what you can do.

Using the Let Your Love Grow organic mixture does not dictate the type of plantings that you can use. You can draw inspiration from Mother Nature to help you create the perfect living memorial.

We do recommend speaking with your local nursery to determine the plant that is right for your remembrance planting. This ensures that your plantings are right for your planting zone.

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