Explaining Pet Cremation to Children

Explaining Pet Cremation to Children

Pets become a part of the family; they are loved by all and pampered by kids! When a pet dies, the entire family is grief stricken. Pet cremation is one process which allows people to bid adieu to their pets respectfully, and also allows them to preserve their cremains in pet urns.

What is pet cremation? It is a process in which the body of the pet is placed in the cremation unit and singed in high temperatures (1400- 1800 degrees Fahrenheit). Pets can be cremated in common crematories, or in special crematories (developed particularly for pet cremation).

Due to the passage of heat and vaporization, the body of the pet is reduced to dried bones and dust. After the pet cremation process, material objects like collars (often found in broken pieces), tags, rods, surgical pins, etc. are removed from the dried remains with a magnet. People who supervise the entire pet cremation process can also collect these objects and hand over them to the pet parents.

After the pet cremation process, the dust and dried bones are pulverized, which transforms the remains into a coarse powder. This sand-like powder has a homogeneous consistency. After this, the ashes are poured into pet urns and handed over to family members.

Pet urns are available in the market in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Some have a glazed finish with semicircular coverings, while some are also available in box-shaped designs. Richland Pet Cremation & Memorials has a great selection of quality pet urns available in a variety of materials.

After receiving the cremains of the pets in their chosen pet urn, the pet parents can store the ashes in the pet urns, or bury the pet urns in a burial ground. They may also scatter the ashes if they want. After pet cremation, the cremains poured in pet urns are generally seen to be ashen white in color. However, this color may change due to health issues or medications. Pet cremation time varies from one animal to another.

There are two types of pet cremation: private pet cremation and communal pet cremation. To bid a final adieu to their friends on their last journey, owners may choose any option they like for pet cremation.